Rammstein concert in England was so f**ken loud, it was heard from 16km away

People "leapt onto social media" to report the loud noise.
29 June 2022 9:35AM

Rammstein's recent show in England was so fucking loud, it recieved noise complaints from (boring) people over 17Km away.

The German-metal-rockers performed at CBS Arena in Coventry, England earlier in the week, and they didn't shy away from noise. On brand.

According to local tabloid the Coventry Telegraph, citizens could hear "loud thumping" from Nuneaton to Burton Hastings, which is over eleven miles (17km) away. 

And what do you do in 2022 when any minor inconvenience happens to you? You go on social media and complain about it.

Apparently citizens "leapt onto social media" to report the loud noise, some confused as to why they could hear a loud beat through closed windows.

Not everyone was unhappy about the noise though. Others said they went to their garden to listen, and some even flocked to the arena. 

Rammstein fans are well aware of how loose their concerts get. Earlier in the month, someone on Reddit managed to get footage of a Rammstein concert from a good while away and it looked like absolute scenes.

Good scheisse!

Check out a snippet of fan-footage from the show below.