Sleep expert explains why sleeping naked is 'not healthy'

Brings new meaning to the term 'shitting the bed', doesn't it?
1 June 2022 11:46AM

A sleep expert has gone viral for his claims about the sicko reason sleeping naked isn't ideal. 

“The average person cracks one-off 15 to 25 times a day, and this can happen when you’re sleeping,” TikToker ShutEye explains.

So, if you sleep naked, you're gonna be sending tiny bits of shit all over your partner or your bed sheets. 

Some gross news for people who like to don their birthday suits when they hit the hay.

TikTok commenters held their ground on the issue, not letting a shitty sheet get in the way of their sleeping ritual.

So you've got two choices - either take your chances (and probably don't share this yarn with your other half) or make sure your dacks are comfy enough for a decent night's sleep.