This video shows that watching a Rammstein concert, even from afar, is still batshit

What in German industrial metal music is going on here?
3 June 2022 4:55PM

Someone on Reddit managed to get footage of a Rammstein concert from a good while away and it's absolute scenes.

The German band is notorious for going next level with antics at their concerts, and no one is pulling your fucking leg when they tell you that - jeeeezus.

It’s looking exactly like the father-in-law on the BBQ  - flames everywhere, smoke billowing into the air, and no one's really sure if it’s safe.

Reddit commenters made some cracking calls about the pyrotechnics and the band itself:

It's hard to tell exactly what's going on in that stadium from this video, but history tells us it would likely have been pretty wild.

In the past, Rammstein has utilised a cock cannon to spray foam all over their fans.

Or there's the time at our very own Big Day Out (R.I.P), when their frontman, Till Linderman, hopped on an inflatable boat and rode around on top of the mosh pit. Also, there were flying dildos involved?