Watch: Bam Margera breaks his wrist in gnarly fall at skatepark

Watch: Bam Margera breaks his wrist in gnarly fall at skatepark

He's had some crazy falls and f*cked up stunts, but this looks like it hurt.

'Jackass' star Bam Margera has broken his wrist after attempting a trick at a skatepark, and all we do is wince and go: 'ooooosh'.

There’s probably no one that has put their body through as much shit as the Jackass boys but even with that in mind, this wipeout looks like it fucking hurt.

TMZ acquired the footage, which shows Bam dropping in off a ramp, and skating up another one before trying to land a trick. He doesn’t quite stick the landing and falls on his hand, instantly breaking his wrist and writhing in pain. 

He was spotted in a cast after the wipeout and even posted to his Instagram about it, in his usual style. 

Apparently, Bam had been attending an AA meeting nearby and went to the skatepark during a break.

The Pennsylvania-born skateboarder/stuntman has been struggling with alcohol and drug addiction over the past decade.

He was kicked off the latest film in the 'Jackass' film, ‘Jackass Forever’, for breaking a contract that stated he would not do drugs during the production of the movie.

Bam sued the producers for wrongful termination, stating he tested positive for Adderall which was prescribed to him by a medical professional. Margera later withdrew the lawsuit, suggesting a settlement was reached. 

He has entered rehab multiple times since his first stint in 2009, but seems to be on the road to recovery, having recently completed one year of treatment at a rehab facility - go on Bam!

We hope Bam recovers from the wrist injury quickly and he can get back on track in his life - he is one entertaining motherfucker.