WATCH: Rog finally does a burnout

Yeahhhhh Big Dog!
10 June 2022 7:03AM

The Big Dog has finally gone and done it!

ROK V2 Rog Burn Out 1920x1080.mp4
ROK V2 Rog Burn Out 1920x1080.mp4
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Rog was a guest on season 2, episode 3 of Mike Dawe and Cole Armstrong's show Wheelburn - a show that combines NZ celebrities with all things motorsport.

General Lee from George FM and Jono Pryor from The Hits accompanied Rog on the episode, where they were all tasked with doing a burnout. Rogee was up first, and we're not gonna lie, he absolutely nailed it. 

He took home the big W and we couldn't be more proud. 

You can watch Wheelburn on the MotoHub app and Spark Sport now, and check out Rog's sick burnout up top.

What a unit.