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WATCH: UK Mum's 50th birthday turns into a family brawl

Oh boy, this is like watching an episode of 'Shameless'...
22 June 2022 6:56AM

Oh boy, this is like watching an episode of 'Shameless'...

A UK Mum's 50th birthday turned into a full on brawl recently, after a family get-together gone wrong.

Lisa Keegan had her family and friends over in her garden for a bit of a boozy party, when one of the family friends named Adam snatched a vape off one of the teenagers at the party, LadBible reports. 

Lisa's partner Tony stepped in to defend the teenager, and that's when the fight between the two drunk blokes began.

Footage captured on a phone at the party shows Lisa trying to pull the two blokes apart while yelling, "Adam! Tony!"

She ended up getting herself in the center of the brawl, and Tony actually started to accidentally swing at Lisa, leaving her to shout "No, you're battering me!"

Sh*t then just got more weird, as Lisa's daughter Colleen jumps onto one of the bloke's backs to try and stop the two from fighting. Lisa also manages to fall over a couple of times after failing to break up the fight. Watch the video below.

Eventually, the fight was resolved and apparently both Lisa and Tony have laughed it off now.

Lisa said, "You're only 50 once and this is certainly a birthday I'll never forget! It was mayhem...

"The video's hilarious. It's like something out of Shameless. I was like Meme. When I fell over backwards I just started laughing. Even the dog was barking to tell them off."