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We tried the raw sausage challenge and sh*t it's grim

After hearing about people who actually enjoy raw sausages, he had to give it a go.
29 June 2022 11:37AM

If you're anything like Jay, definitely don't give this a go.

Rock | We give raw sausages a go
Rock | We give raw sausages a go
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We came across The Baron on TikTok who shared a yarn about a mate who, when around at his inlaws, saw a crime commited. 

'the father in law, picks up the raw banger, straight down the gullet' he said. Yup, a raw sausage straight from the butcher, straight into his mouth.

Ofcourse, we had to give it a go to see if we didn't need to wait all those minutes at the bbq for a treat next time we're cooking up some snags.

Jay saw his life flash before his eyes trying to get it down while Show Boss Tiegs actually enjoyed it.

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