A Canadian radio station has been playing ‘Killing In The Name Of’ on loop for 24 hours

That sounds glorious to be honest.
1 July 2022 4:06PM

A Vancouver radio station has been playing Rage Against the Machine’s classic ‘Killing in the Name’ on loop for 24 hours straight.

KiSS 104.9 FM reportedly recently laid off a bunch of staff members, which some suspected was the reason for the repeated raging - as a form of protest. 

As 'fuck the man' as that would be, it is unfortunately not the case.

The radio station is, in fact, just having a bit of a makeover, and playing the song on repeat was probably just a publicity stunt.

The Vancouver Sun reports that the company, Rogers Sports and Media, are launching a new rock and roll-based station on the same frequency as KiSS.

I guess you could say Roger Sports and Media are Killing the old station in the Name of rock and roll.