Bloke’s balls wouldn’t stop whistling after surgery gone wrong

Bloke’s balls wouldn’t stop whistling after surgery gone wrong

You're probably not gonna want to be eating when you read this.

Some poor geezer was left with whistling balls after multiple medical mess-ups. 

Here at The Rock, we’re big fans of most bodily noises - farts, burps, and snorts all bring a smile to our faces. 

Whistling balls, however, might just be where we draw the line. 

A 72-year-old man walked into an emergency in the US concerned about the fact that his nether region was whistling.

Fair call mate. 

The poor bloke had been through a lot up until that point.

He had previously had surgery to treat a testicular infection, which left him with an ‘open scrotal wound’, basically his balls had a tiny hole open to the world.

Holy balls, that sounds shit. 

At some point after that surgery, old mate suffered from a collapsed lung. This meant that he had a whole lot of air in between and around his lungs.

That trapped air eventually made its way down to the family jewels. And then, the whistling began.

Here's how the experts at the American Journal of Case Reports put it:

“This case report describes … a patient with an open scrotal wound from a recent scrotal procedure, which allowed the air to escape from his abdominal compartment, and resulted in his ‘scrotal whistling’,”

Yeaaa, that just sounds like a shit time. 

Luckily, the patient fully recovered. Doctors worked their magic and stopped the whistling and sewed up the hole in his balls. 

We’re sure you didn’t want to read this, but you have now and you have to live knowing about it just like we do.