Insane road rage footage of a Swift being rammed by a ute will make you grit your teeth

Someone needs a damn chill pill.
14 July 2022 10:27AM

If you’re a fan of some bat-shit crazy road rage, you’re going to enjoy this video ya freak.

In some wet and windy weather, the footage immediately kicks off in the middle of the action. As the family is driving between Rotorua and Te Puke a white ute literally starts ramming right into the back of their Suzuki Swift, which is packed with family camping gear. 

The ute thumps the smaller car multiple times before zooming around and overtaking it - barely avoiding being totally fucked up by an oncoming truck. 

Reported by the Bay of Plenty Times and the NZ Herald, the person filming said that their uncle is usually chill behind the wheel, but that the whole ordeal had him fucked up. 

Hey, fair enough buddy. Any confident driver is gonna enter squeaky bum time when there’s a crazy motherfucker trying to ram them off the road. Shoutout to him for clutching up and saving lives. 

The family member involved said that the rage stemmed from the ute trying to overtake and cut off the swift near Okere Falls but couldn’t do so. 

“Further along the drive a second attempt was made by the Mazda driver to cut my whānau off the road,” they said. 


There are a few comments on the FB vid talking about “two sides to every story” and asking what happened before to make the ute ram into them - come onnn. There’s no excuse for purposely hitting another car and putting lives at risk. 

Consider this your friendly reminder to not be a dick on the road, especially when it’s pissing down.