Listener Megan accidentally sent nudes to her boyfriend's mum

How's this for a group-chat blow out...
20 July 2022 8:05AM

How's this for a group-chat blow out...

Megan Nudes to boyfriend's Mum
Listener Megan accidentally sent her boyfriend's mum nudes.
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Listener Megan was supposed to send a frisky photo to her boyfriend, but instead, she accidentally sent it to a group chat with her boyfriend and his MUM. 

In the words of Megan, the photo was "filthy." We're talking nipple clamps, collar, leash, the works.

After Megan had realised what happened, she sent a bunch of messages in to the chat to try and filter out the photo. Yikes.

We can't tell if this is better or worse than that time Mel sent a voice message to her family, detailing her night with a bloke

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