Living Pantera members to tour for first time in 20 years - but some fans aren’t too happy

"It won't be the same without Dime or Vinne"
15 July 2022 3:09PM

The two surviving members of the classic metal band Pantera plan on reuniting and touring next year.

Vocalist Philip Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown have signed a deal for the tour to go ahead, but with original band members and brothers Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul no longer being with us, fans are not super stoked about the idea.

“Hard no without Dime and Vinny," said one fan on Facebook. "What is the point? They are the legacy of Pantera!”

“Dime and Vinnie are rolling in the graves right about now”, said another. “They're literally the ones that created Pantera, so Pantera dies with them”.

 “Call it ‘A Tribute to Pantera’,” suggested one fan.

“Of course it won’t be the same without Dime or Vinnie”, explained another metal head. “Will I still go?! Absolutely.”

It obviously would be different without Dime and Vinnie, but the band is legendary and it would be epic to see them live. 

There have been no official reports on the specifics of the tour such as the dates or whether it will be a tribute or not, but it does seem like it’s going ahead. 

Peter Pappalardo, an agent for the group running the tour, told Billboard he’s stoked to be working with the band and can’t wait for the tour to start.