Mel accidentally sent a voice message to her family detailing her night with a bloke

Mel has had not one, but two terrible message blunders..
4 July 2022 12:01PM

Oh Mel...

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Mel family groupchat
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Mel has had not one, but two terrible message blunders - one involving her family, and the other involving her boss. Honestly, we're not sure which story is worse. 

The first story occured a couple years ago when she was living with her parents. Mel had a groupchat with her two sisters, and a seperate group chat with her whole family (punishing).

When Mel's sisters asked her about the bloke she'd been seeing, Mel drunkingly sent a voice message detailing her night with the guy. Except instead of sending the voice message to her sisters, she accidentally sent it to the whole family. Big yikes.

To make things worse, Mel was living with her family at the time. She was also too steamed to even realise what had happened. 

The other message blunder happened when Mel was 18, shortly after she was employed at an after-school-care. She was seeing a bloke at the time named Jason, and her new boss was called Jackie. 

Mel sent a text to, who she thought was Jason, saying "how're you and your willy?"

You can probably already gather that she did indeed not send the spicy text to Jason, but her new boss Jackie.

FFS Mel. 

Check out the video of Mel telling the stories up top!