WATCH: Bruce Dickinson blasts fan who lit a flare at Iron Maiden show

The band had just cracked into 'The Number of the Beast' when someone lit up a flare.
20 July 2022 6:58AM

"What did I see? A c**t with a f**king flare!"

An Iron Maiden fan who lit a flare in the moshpit at their concert was grilled by Bruce Dickinson over the weekend.

Iron Maiden had just cracked into their tune 'The Number of the Beast' at their 'Legacy of the Beast' tour in Athens, when someone lit up a flare in the crowd.

After singing "What did I see," Dickinson adds, "the cunt with a fucking flare, I've got to sing up here!"

He goes on, "You fucking cocksucker. You Greek cunt. All right. I've got to fucking sing. All right."

He finishes the grilling with a hearty, "Fuck you!"

Check out fan-captured-footage below.

After the singer had finished telling the fan off, he kept singing but was clearly distracted by the situation. Fair enough too. 

He skipped the iconic scream before the first verse, and skipped the first verse entirely by going straight into the second verse. After the chorus, he repeated the second verse again.