WATCH: Rage Against The Machine play first show in 11 years

WATCH: Rage Against The Machine play first show in 11 years

And they f*cking crushed it.

Rage Against The Machine have played their first concert in 11 years, and they f*cking crushed it.

The band officially kicked off the North American leg of their reunion tour, dubbed the 'Public Service Announcement' tour over the weekend, returning to the stage at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in Wisconsin. 

The show marks the band's first performance since their 2011 show at the LA Memorial Coliseum.

The band announced the reunion tour back in 2019, but ofcourse our mate covid pushed it out, making it even more of a highly-anticipated show. 

The rap-metal icons performed a 16-song set, opening with Bombtrack and closing with none other than Killing in the Name. They even played Tire Me, Without a Face and War Within a Breath, which they haven't played since 2008. 

Plus, they chucked in their cover of Bruce Springsteen's The Ghost of Tom Joad, which the full band haven't played in 22 years. What a comeback! 

Have a look at the setlist below, cheers to Setlist FM:

1. Bombtrack
2. People of the Sun
3. Bulls on Parade
4. Bullet in the Head
5. Testify 
6. Tire Me 
7. Wake Up
8. Guerrilla Radio
9. Without a Face 
10. Know Your Enemy
11. Calm Like a Bomb
12. Sleep Now in the Fire
13. War Within a Breath
14. The Ghost of Tom Joad
15. Freedom
16. Killing in the Name

The band looked in solid form considering they haven't performed together in 11 years - check out some fan-footage below. 


People of the Sun: 

Bulls on Parade:


Sleep Now in the Fire: 

Killing In The Name:

How good does that look?!

We've heard nothing but great feedback about the show, with one comment online saying: 

"Who the fuck these guys think they are. Dipping out for 10 years then coming back without missing a beat. They got no business being that good. Fucking solid performance."

While another commented, "Welcome back!!! Was there and damn what an opener. Alpine was as packed as I have ever seen and for good reason. Lines of cars waiting to experience a wonderful performance. Bravo!"