WATCH: Slipknot drop new song 'The Dying Song,' and announce new album

'The Dying Song (Time To Sing)' is the second single released from the upcoming album.
21 July 2022 7:39AM

Slipknot have officially announced their upcoming album ‘The End, So Far’ with the release of a new track, ‘The Dying Song (Time To Sing)’.

The band released the new track on Wednesday (July 20), which comes with a new music video directed by percussionist and longtime Slipknot member Shawn 'Clown' Crahan.

Slipknot member Tortilla Man teased last week that "something's coming," but we didn't realise something would be here so soon!

'The Dying Song (Time To Sing) is the second single released from the upcoming album, following 'The Chapeltown Rag,' which was released last year as a surprise single.

Frontman Corey Taylor spoke to Kerrang! about what their new song, 'The Dying Song (Time to Sing)', means to him.

“To me, it just seems like it’s all the outrage and none of the punishment,” he began.

"For the last few years it’s been very trendy to be offended and outraged by everything, and yet nothing happens...

"..It’s almost like the tables have turned, and the more angry people get, the more the people who they’re mad at just double-down on the shit."

"Instead of there being cause and effect, or crime and punishment, now it’s just like, ‘Fuck you, we don’t care, and it’s almost like people are ringing the doomsday bell.

"You’re sitting there going, ‘Well, it’s been fun! Everybody, pick up your trash when you’re leaving, and I’ll see you in Hell!’ That’s kind of what that song is. It’s just like, ‘If we don’t figure it out, I’ll see you when the meteor hits, basically.’”

The bands seventh studo album,'The End, So Far', will be released on September 30th, with a tracklist of twelve songs.

Check out the titles below:

  1. ‘Adderall’
  2. ‘The Dying Song (Time To Sing)’
  3. ‘The Chapeltown Rag’
  4. ‘Yen’
  5. ‘Hivenmind’
  6. ‘Warranty’
  7. ‘Medicine For The Dead’
  8. ‘Acidic’
  9. ‘Heirloom’
  10. ‘H377’
  11. ‘De Sade’
  12. ‘Finale’

We're bloody excited for the full album. You can pre-order it here.