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Highly Suspect drop new song ‘Summertime Voodoo’ and announce new album

The Highly Suspect boys are back!

The Highly Suspect lads have just announced a new album ‘As Above, So Below’ - and have gone and debuted its first song which you can listen to now.

The band announced the upcoming album and dropped the first song off it, ‘Summertime Voodoo,’ in the early hours of this morning (May 15), and have said they “could not be more proud and excited to finally announce” it. 

Frontman Johnny Stevens said: “If my life is a book, then this album is the first chapter that truly addresses the central conflict. The recognition of an ego, the problems it's caused, and the birth of its death,” Blabbermouth reports.

"If I'm being real, I hit rock bottom again. After another close call with death, I feel wide awake. I don't know how the book ends yet, but I'm very engaged in the plot now. I'd rather it not end at all."

He continued, "For the past few years I don't think I gave a shit one way or the other. Like Thom once said — 'for a minute there I lost myself.' 

Speaking about the song ‘Summertime Voodoo’, Stevens says the band weren’t sure which song to release first, but decided it made sense to just release the first song on the tracklist.

"...This time, instead of trying to guess which one sounds most like a single, we just decided it makes the most sense to start at the top of the story."

Adding, “‘Summertime Voodoo’ is the introductory paragraph to this chapter" - and if the rest of the album is as good as the new track, then we’re in for a massive treat.

Have a listen/ watch of the official lyric video for ‘Summertime Voodoo’ up top. ‘Headphones for the real ones’, as Johnny Stevens would say.

As for the album, you’ll have to wait til July 19th for it to arrive. But for now, you can look back at the chat Johnny Stevens had with Jay and Dunc when he stopped by The Rock HQ last year. 

Plus, remember that time Johnny pulled our very own Westie Lee up on stage at Highly Suspect's gig at Auckland's Powerstation last year? That was a pretty epic moment - watch it below.

This morning, Johnny Stevens wrote on Instagram, “today is a good day” - and we couldn't agree more. Now get that new song in ya!