Drowned, attacked with machetes , and shot. Is Ian our maddest Mad Dog yet?
Mad Dog Club
Mad Dog Club

drowned, attacked with machetes , and shot, is Ian our maddest Mad Dog yet?

Machete attack? how much worse can it get? yeah, then he was shot and 'shouldn't have survived.

New Zealand's fastest growing club has just found its latest member.

Rock | Is Ian our maddest Mad Dog yet?
Rock | Is Ian our maddest Mad Dog yet?
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The Mad Dog Club is filling up quick with unreal yarns of survival from kiwis and people around the world but this story from Ian might've earnt him the title of our maddest Mad Dog yet.

Chatting with Jay and Dunc, Ian from Australia, ran us through a series of unlucky events that managed to go from worse, to sh*t that really sucks.

'It started in 97'' began Ian.

"my brother and a mate went for a walk couldn't be bothered walking back so they go, 'lets swim across the river'

started swimming across, halfway across go hypothermia nearly drowned can't remember getting out of the water but my brother said he pulled me out, my eyes were shut and dropped my head and he's just gone, *bang* punched me in the chest, got me back going."

Years after that, Ian said after just casually going back to a girls house, he ended up being attacked with machetes.

"her ex turns up about, 15 mintes later. so I went and answered the door and there was 4 guys got a machete held to my head. They've come in, flogged me  withchairs, hit me with machetes, kick the shit out".

Attacked with machetes? how much worse can it get? yeah, then he was shot and 'shouldn't have survived'.

"another three years later, don't remember too much about it, just remember arguing and next thing I heard *bang* felt it, shit I've have been shot." Ian said.

"I just remember sitting there and felt it hit me in the head. It's gone through my left eye through the front lobe of my brain, through the right optical nerve and come out the right temple."

"I could hear people going 'f*cking asshole' so I laid back down. Last thing I remember thinking shit if you're gonna die, hurry up cause this."

All in all, Ian made a full recover and, after a bad run of outher health issues, Ian summed things up with a casual "... been all good since then".

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