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Insane story of one base jumping bloke who shattered leg, crawled for hours and drove to hospital

This yarn goes from bad to worse, starting with a shattered leg and no cell reception.
11 August 2022 2:09PM

Just when you think this yarn can't get any worse, somehow.... it does.

Rock | Hans' insane base jumping yarn puts him straight in the Mad Dog Club
Rock | Hans' insane base jumping yarn puts him straight in the Mad Dog Club
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Jay and Dunc spoke with base jumper Hans Donner about his insane survival story that put him straight into the Mad Dog Club.

Hans spoke about his jump from Wales tallest waterfall, pistyll rhaeadr.

"Gary was going to come with me because my, one of my rules is never jump alone." said Hans

"And he never he never turned up."

But instead of calling it a day, Hans decided he was all good to do the jump on his own.

spoiler alert, he was not.

After missing his landing spot, Hans when straight into a slate wall, shattering his leg as he hit the ground.

But that was the least of his problems.

Hans had landed 200m away from his car, had no reception, and no option other than to crawl for 2 hours to get back to his car and safety.

Before he could set off, Hans had to pull his leg back into place,  which he could feel the bones mash together as he did.

Remember when we said things went from bad to worse?

Hans had to try stand up on his crawl to get over a step embankment but as he did, slipped in horseshit fell back on his leg and passed out.

Yeah nah, we're not done yet.

Once Hans reached his car, he realised he still had no reception and no option other than to drive himself to the hospital... in his manual car.

A year later, Hans has made a full recover but has one heck of a yarn to remember things by.

Watch the full video above complete with go-pro footage from the crash.