Jay didn't believe he won his fight for life 'I don't even remember hitting you at all'

"...there's no way that I could have won because I don't even remember hitting you..."
9 August 2022 3:12PM

Rock Drive host Jay Reeve sat down with George FM Breakfast host Tammy Davis to react to their Fight for Life footage. While reacting to their fight both Jay and Tammy agreed that they forgot most of their training as soon as they entered the ring.

Jay reacts to his Fight for Life against Tammy Davis
Rock Drive host Jay Reeves teams up with Tammy to watch their fight
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“Everything I learnt in training, I did none of it,” Tammy said. “Absolutely none of it.”

Jay and Tammy both agreed that they were inspired to get involved in the fight to set an example for their kids. 

Jay told Tammy, “My kids seeing me get up, go out, train, come back with blood all over my face; enjoy[ing] every second of it. You need to be the example that you want to see in your kids”

“The number of people that have said, ‘Would you do it again?,’ I just think that we got into it for the right reasons.”

“Shane [Cameron] said it best - that there was pride in that ring. You know, only one person walks out of it, but both of us walked out with an equal share. That is probably the best description of the fight. It was frickin good. I think it set the bar high.”

Jay ended up taking the win against Tammy, much to his own surprise.

“…at the end I was like, there's no way that I could have won because I don't even remember hitting you at all basically in the entire fight.”

Both Tammy and Jay have kept a friendly relationship with each other since the fight and shared their love on instagram. On instagram Tammy said,

“I just want to thank everyone for their support… and of course the man across the ring from me @thejayreeve @shane_cameron_nz & just so you all know I never doing this again!”

Jay dedicated his post to everyone who got him in the ring and said about his opponent,

“Both of us left the ring with our bodies wrecked and pride intact. Thanks again for all the messages of support for both teams, we seem em and appreciate them all.”