LISTEN: Highly Suspect drop two new tracks 'Ice Cold' and 'New California'

Just in time for The Rock 2000 voting!
5 August 2022 10:23AM

Highly Suspect have just released two new tracks 'Ice Cold' and 'New California' from their fourthcoming album, 'The Midnight Demon Club.' Just in time for The Rock 2000 voting! 

The band dropped the two new tunes in NZ this morning, after previously releasing 'Natural Born Killer' and 'Pink Lullabye' when they announced the album in June. 

Have a hoon of 'Ice Cold' below.

And give 'New California' a nudge.

The Midnight Demon Club is all set for release on September 9, and the full-length album will include 12 tracks. Check out the tracklist below:

01. "The Sound"
02. "Natural Born Killer"
03. "Ice Cold"
04. "Midnight Demon Club"
05. "Caught on Fire"
06. "Wild Eyed Son"
07. "Pink Lullabye"
08. "New California"
09. "Need to Say"
10. "Cool Kids"
11. "Love Like This"
12. "Evangeline"

You can pre-order it here

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