My Chemical Romance play hit song for first time in 19 years as they return to touring

The iconic 2000s band broke up in 2013, but they're back in full swing now.
22 August 2022 4:16PM

2000s rock icons My Chemical Romance have begun their reunion tour in the US, and they’re bringing back some classics. 

The band started their tour at the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City and, for the first time since 2003, played ‘Bury Me In Black’, as well as ‘This Is The Best Day Ever’ for the first time since 2005. 

It’s always good to see a once hugely popular band come back and give their fans what they want. Check out some footage from the show below. 

The New Jersey-based band played 20 songs throughout the gig, with the setlist spanning across all their albums. Here’s the whole setlist:

  • ‘The Foundations Of Decay’
  • ‘Bury Me In Black’
  • ‘Give ‘Em Hell, Kid’
  • ‘Tomorrow’s Money’
  • ‘Teenagers’
  • ‘Summertime’
  • ‘Bulletproof Heart’
  • ‘Mastas Of Ravenkroft’
  • ‘Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)’
  • ‘The Ghost Of You’
  • ‘This Is The Best Day Ever’
  • ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’
  • ‘Mama’
  • ‘Boy Division’
  • ‘Our Lady Of Sorrows’
  • ‘Famous Last Words’
  • ‘Sleep’
  • ‘Vampire Money’
  • ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’

     The band broke up in 2013, citing mental health, burnout, and struggles with addiction as reasons, but, as NME reported, they haven’t lost their touch, as they received a five-star review from the British website. 

    “They’re now safely one of the biggest rock groups to emerge in the last 20 years but if the band are worried about their new found status, they don’t show it,” the review reads.

    [The show was] fearless, loose, and raw. It genuinely felt like anything could happen, as My Chemical Romance channelled punk, rebellion, and playful ambition.

    The band’s reunion tour is coming to New Zealand in 2023, with a show at Western Springs in March set to rock any MCR fans out there.