The Offspring vehicle catches fire while en route to show

The Offspring vehicle catches fire while en route to show

Scary sh*t!

The Offspring and their crew are safe after one of their vehicles caught fire while they were on their way to a show over the weekend. Scary shit!

The band shared a video of the ordeal to twitter, saying:

"While traveling through Canada yesterday, something flew off the vehicle in front of us and became wedged underneath one of our SUVs and it caught fire."

They added, "everyone got out safely, but the luggage, passports, laptops and pretty much everything else was destroyed."

The fire looked pretty gnarly. 

The Offspring guitarist Noodles provided a bit more detail to the situation, saying nobody is 100% sure how the fire started, but the SUV "hit something big & heavy, possibly a lost trailer hitch, and within seconds the vehicle was in flames."

"You can see from the video that they didn’t even get off the Highway before everyone had to bail. No time to save any belongings. Scary shit!

"Our crew do all the heavy lifting so that we look & sound as good as possible when we take the stage. They’re travel & workdays are always longer & more arduous than ours, and we can’t thank them enough for all they do.

"To see them have to go through something like this is heartbreaking & frightening. I am so glad they are all OK!"

Noodles also shared photos of the damage done to the SUV, check them out below. 

Thankfully nobody was hurt, and the band went on to perform in Quebec, Canada that night. 

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