This bloke had his sack ripped open on a flying fox and believe it or not, it gets worse
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This bloke had his sack ripped open on a flying fox and believe it or not, it gets worse

Grim grim grim grim grim.

This is another cracker yarn that just snowballs. You think things couldn't possibly get worse and yet, they do.

This bloke got his nuts ripped open on a flying fox
The yarn just snowballs
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We had an absolute peach of a call come through from a bloke detailing his grim ordeal with a flying fox. Here's the condensed version of this wild ride - check out the full chat up top.

Down at the now defunct Amazons water park in Brisbane, this fella at the age of 18 gave the flying fox - which sees you zip down and land in a pool - a crack, and try to do two flips in the process to impress a couple of girls.

His new technique ended in horror as he got caught on the wire and 'hung up for a second' before falling in the water. He got out, realised he'd 'done himself a bit of a mischief' and noticed a hole in his shorts, then in his undies, then in his scrotum.

After finally getting an ambulance and into the hospital, the poor bloke ended up having his injury shown off to a room full of junior doctors. And that's not even the worst of it. While the nurse is holding his bits to the side so the doc can get to work, the embarrassed teen gets a bit excited.

After dealing with that situation, his mum comes to pick him in a van with two seats up the front - meaning the bloke had to get in the back on all fours to be comfortable.

What an absolute shambles. Thankfully 'apart from the Frankenstein scar' everything still works and he's managed to have a couple of kids. What a great way to end the story.

Check out the full yarn up top!