This maddog toddler killed a snake by biting it, after it bit her

Suuurely this toddler has earnt a spot in the Maddog Club.
17 August 2022 7:59AM

Suuurely this toddler has earnt a spot in the Maddog Club.

A two year old in Turkey managed to bite a snake to death, after it had bitten her while she was playing in the garden of her home.

The toddler was playing with the 20-inch-snake in the backyard on August 10 when it bit her lip. Instead of running away in terror, or reacting in any way that even a full-blown adult would, this maddog toddler decided to bite it back.

The little girl was reportedly found by her neighbours, who were horrified to find her with a snake bite on her lip and the snake in her mouth, bitten to death. 

The toddler's father, Mehmet Ercan, was at work when the whole ordeal went down.

As reported by LadBible, he said:

"Allah has protected her, really. Our neighbours have told me that the snake was in the hand of my child, she was playing with it and then it bit her.

"Then she has bitten the snake back as a reaction."

The maddog toddler recieved medical treatment from the neighbours, before being taken to the hospital for further treatment. She's recovering well.

Unforunately, the snake wasn't so lucky. 

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