VB are releasing a beer-infused grooming kit because why not

Gonna light a VB candle as I hop in the VB scented bath with a VB in my hand.
17 August 2022 10:00AM

The beer brand that’s as Aussie as koalas and kangaroos have released a grooming kit for blokes

Victoria Bitters have expanded their horizons, dropping a six-piece, three-step, self-care kit to “reward hard-working bodies”. 

The kit contains an exfoliating scrub, body wash, bath frothy, a facial mask, a candle, and some moisturiser. That’s right, there’s a VB candle and bath bomb. 

When we think of great smells we don’t necessarily think of VB, but all these products contain some freeze-dried VB and they’re not just going to release a grooming kit that smells like shit.

Instead, the candle contains some lemon, orange, bergamot, peppercorns, and peppermints so you’ll actually be treating your nostrils when you light it up. Good to know there'll be no lingering VB stench when we try to kick back and relax. 

Through a three-step routine, the beer brand says the kit will first,  “refresh your sweaty rig after a day on the tools,” then “relax your weary body after a long day of hard work,” and finally, “restore your tired skin after a tough day of graft.”

We’ll definitely give it a go and if it’s not for us, we’ll just pass it on to Dad for Father’s Day. 

Marc Lord, VB’s Marketing Manager, said they decided to create the grooming kit so blokes could start engaging in some quality self-care of their own in a nice and easy way. 

“The VB for Men range gives blokes all the tools they need to avoid using their partner’s products and start a grooming regime of their own,” he told the NRL

“The products have been designed to make grooming simple and accessible’ from men new to the category to those who know their scrubs from their serums.”

Currently, the kit is only available in Aussie, so we’ll let them bathe in VBs and let us know how that goes before we get it on our shores.