Watch Rage Against The Machine play 'Fistful of Steel' for first time in 25 years

What a way to wrap up the reunion tour.
16 August 2022 7:05AM

How. Good.

Rage Against The Machine have wrapped up their 2022 Public Service Announcement reunion tour at Madison Square Garden in New York City yesterday, and went out with a hell of a bang playing 'Fistful of Steel' for the first time since 1997.

Check it out:

The band originally had planned on touring Europe later this year (and we were praying for a NZ visit) but unfortunately those plans were scrapped after frontman Zach de la Rocha injured his footage at a recent Chicago gig. de la Rocha injured his foot (reportedly tearing his Achilles heel) after jumping around during 'Bullet In The Head', and had to resort to sitting on a stage monitor for the rest of the performance (and for the rest of that tour).

In a letter written to their fans, the band wrote:

Rage Against The Machine are not scheduled to pick up touring until at least February 2023, so there is still hope if you are dreaming the Bring-Rage-to-NZ dream.

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