Watch Rage Against The Machine play 'Fistful of Steel' for first time in 25 years

What a way to wrap up the reunion tour.

How. Good.

Rage Against The Machine have wrapped up their 2022 Public Service Announcement reunion tour at Madison Square Garden in New York City yesterday, and went out with a hell of a bang playing 'Fistful of Steel' for the first time since 1997.

Check it out:

The band originally had planned on touring Europe later this year (and we were praying for a NZ visit) but unfortunately those plans were scrapped after frontman Zach de la Rocha injured his footage at a recent Chicago gig. de la Rocha injured his foot (reportedly tearing his Achilles heel) after jumping around during 'Bullet In The Head', and had to resort to sitting on a stage monitor for the rest of the performance (and for the rest of that tour).

In a letter written to their fans, the band wrote:

Zack must return home for rest and rehabilitation. The flights, travel time, and rigorous schedule in the UK and Europe are simply too much of a risk for his complete recovery. We are so sorry to all of our fans who have waited years to see us and hope to rage again soon.

Rage Against The Machine are not scheduled to pick up touring until at least February 2023, so there is still hope if you are dreaming the Bring-Rage-to-NZ dream.

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