We talked to the bloke who got 'banned for life' for doing shoeys at Warriors home games

We talked to the bloke who got 'banned for life' for doing shoeys at Warriors home games

Roger Shoey Vasa-Sheck is a top bloke and has an awesome plan for the final game at Mt Smart.

The Morning Rumble talked to Calley, the man dubbed ‘Roger Shoey Vasa-Sheck’ for doing shoeys at Warriors home games, and who was tossed from Mt Smart Stadium and handed a lifetime ban.

We talk to the kiwi legend dubbed 'Roger Shoey Vasa Sheck'
Mark him down for New Zealander of the Year.
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Calley parks up at his seat in front of Warriors coach Stacey Jones’ box at Mt Smart Stadium, and whenever the camera goes to Stacey to see his reaction, Calley gets back and smashes back a shoey. 

At the latest game at Mt Smart, one security guard had it out for Shoey Vasa. Calley talked to us about how he ended up getting kicked out.

What a legend.

He also said fellow fans had his back after the shoey. 

“All the people sitting in that bay of seats - in front of us, to the side of us - they all started to stand up and say ‘if you touch him, we’re coming out with him!’”

“The outcry of love was awesome,” he continued. 

Shoey has big plans for the Warriors' final home game of the season, and for a great cause too.

“At this last home, since I kind of want to go out with a bang, I have been contacted by the Warriors and they have let me know that I’m welcome back,” he said - shoutout to the Warriors for doing the right thing. 

"What we’re gonna do, because it’s the last home game, I wanna be drinking out of a Red Band gumboot and for every time I get on screen I’m gonna donate $100 to the ‘I Am Hope’ foundation."

“Mental health is something that’s really important to me. I had my issues in the past. I had a big support group and was able to pull through to the other side but a lot of our young guys don’t have that.”

“So if we can get some positive out of this negative situation and get some money for that charity then I’m going to be really stoked about that.”

Great stuff Cassey.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health check out the link below for some mighty good resources to help you out. Remember, it's okay to not be okay mate.

Calley honestly sounds like a top bloke and we can’t wait to see him pop up on the screen and smash back some beer from his shoe. Watch the whole interview we had with him up top.