'What the f*ck do you say to Ozzy Osbourne?': Watch Post Malone meet Ozzy for the first time

An exclusive clip of Post Malone meeting the Prince of Darkness has been released.
11 August 2022 8:00AM

Ever wondered what you'd say to Ozzy Osbourne if you met him?

An exclusive clip of Post Malone meeting the Prince of Darkness has been released from Malone's upcoming Amazon Freevee concert doco, Runaway.

Ozzy appeared on Malone's 2019 Hollywood's Bleeding LP, with 'Take What You Want,' where his iconic vocals open the track.

Having Ozzy on the song would've been sick for Malone - but meeting the rock icon in person would've been a whole different ball game. 

The unlisted clip, which was reported by Rolling Stone, was shot back in 2019 just minutes before Ozzy joined Posty on stage during his tour to perform the track.

Malone approaches Ozzy and says, "good to see you. How are you?" before shaking his hand.

"I'm alright," the Prince of Darkness responds.

"You look great," says Malone. "You excited? You ready to party?"

Ozzy has a wee giggle. 

"This is gonna be badass, man," Malone says.

The two musicians ripped into their performance, where Ozzy surprised the crowd by emerging on stage while sitting on a throne, singing the intro.

Posty helps the rock legend walk down the stage's runway, and Ozzy looked bloody happy to be there while Posty sung. 

A couple minutes into the performance, Andrew Watt rips on the guitar, and Ozzy and Malone share a pretty wholesome on-stage hug. 

Speaking about meeting Ozzy, Malone says in the doco-snippet:

"I was nervous meeting him. Not as much performing, but meeting him is terrifying because what the fuck do you say to Ozzy Osbourne? ‘I like your pants?'

"I don’t know. You have no idea what the fuck to say to him."

Adding, "It’s mind-blowing. It’s absolutely fucking mind-blowing being able to work with one of the biggest dudes in fucking rock & roll history.

"It’s pretty badass."

Runaway is set to drop on Amazon Freevee on August 12th.