Where the hell has Rog's tongue been?

We're concerned about Rog...
9 August 2022 6:29AM

We're concerned about Rog...

Why is Rog's tongue green?
Why is Rog's tongue green?
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Mel was telling us about how she loves a long tongue (that's a conversation we can unpack another day,) and it got The Rumble wondering who has the longest tongue out of them all.

Rog ofcourse reckoned he had the longest, so he didn't hesitate to stick out his tongue in attempt to prove he's the winner.

Instead, all he proved was he has marginal oral hygiene at best, and thrush mouth or hairy tongue at worst.

Why the hell is your tongue green, Rog!? What've you been up to?

Check out the video up top. 

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