Shaun Johnson on his excitment returning to the Warriors and his thoughts on Reece Walsh
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Shaun Johnson on his excitment returning to the Warriors and his thoughts on Reece Walsh

After the massive announcement Shaun Johnson is returning to the Warriors, Jay and Dunc caught up with the NRL player for his thoughts on the deal.

Out of no where, it was announced Shaun Johnson is returning to the Vodafone Warriors. 

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Absolutely fizzed, The Rock Drive boys got him in studio to hear his thoughts on returning to his home side. 

There was always a conversation on you coming home, and last time we talked to you, you were just going to see where it took you this little path.

It has been honestly, it's been a crazy week like it. It was one of those weeks where I arrived in New Zealand not thinking I would ever be standing here talking about me signing the Warriors like it happened so quick.

I had a path I thought I was going down, and that was pretty much it. And I won't name that club, but that was a tough conversation to have today. And then obviously, you know, as you say, putting pen to paper and getting this deal done, it was the right thing to do.

And I never I never wanted to leave in the first place, but I saw it as like opportunity to come back and build on what they're doing, you know, with the pack and the team that they're assembling. That really excites me.

What about you and Chad [Townsend] both coming back?

He's, he's one of my very good mate. He dropped to me that he might be going back to the Warriors just for the remainder of the season.

I was like, holy crap, like unreal. You know, it sort of made sense as well.

And then I called him, you know, a couple of days ago saying, bro, I just started talking to the Warriors. I could be coming back next year.

And honestly, it happened so quick. I called him today before it released. I said I just signed like, And he sort of choked. He couldn't believe it. He was like, what? And I was I don't even know. Like it doesn't actually even feel real right now.

I Bet RGS is real pumped about it?

Oh, yeah, he's he's off me. He's off me. They were you know, pretty big advocates for getting me back to the club and you know, without their support, I don't think. Yeah, I wouldn't be standing here.

Reece Walsh, You must you must be loving seeing this guys year.

Yeah. He's he's obviously a freakish talent man. I've watched him from afar so far and he's he's riding that high at the moment.

He's riding that wave and everything he touches is coming off for him. And it's, I think it's a big test from this week.

And you know, obviously he seems like a confident fella, like he's ready for the occasion.

So we're looking forward to seeing how he goes bro but, Yeah, I'm really excited to link up with him, rub shoulders with him, um, you know, pass on whatever I can pass on and just get among it with the boys, man.

Like obviously got this year to go. So I don't want to speak too far ahead. Um, but certainly like this for me is um massive man. Like I really do believe that the Warriors,it's probably a bit cliche saying this because we've heard it time and time again, bu are actually building something special and me coming back, it's really different.

Like I've grown so much as a player. I've grown so much as a person. My games tenfold better than what it was when I left the place and I'm coming back with that confidence to mix and mingle with these boys.

I can't wait for that.

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