The Morning Rumble

Mulls helps Bryce break through the rough 25th hour wall

This some inspiration stuff right here.
30 May 2019 5:19PM

If you didn't know, Bryce is attempting to bowl for 58 hours to raise money for I Am Hope in an effort to raise money and awareness for mental health in New Zealand.

He started 7am Wednesday morning, and asides from a few hours rest and 45 minute sleep, he's been going non stop.

We couldn't be more proud or inspired by this man.

At 8am Thursday morning, he hit a wall. The toll had taken it's toll on his mind, body and spirit. 

This moment of Mulls being there for Bryce and helping him get through this bleak moment was captured on our live stream cameras, and we'll be honest - it's a touching moment that just shows the power of your mates being around for you, and how no matter how dark or bad you feel - you can get through it.

Good on ya Mulls, and bloody good on you Bryce. Keep charging through this bowling marathon - we're right behind ya!