The Morning Rumble

Mulls threw a dart through Randell from The Edge's finger during Day On The Darts

Third time, not so lucky.
29 June 2020 9:24AM

We're not sure to call him an idiot or legend - probably both.

21 hours into Day On The Darts, things were starting to loosen up - many beers were being consumed, and everyone's general sense of what's a good idea (and what isn't) went out the window....

Randell from The Edge breakfast show came down to the pub to show his support and throw a few darts. He noticed Mulls who was nailing bullseye after bullseye, and then an idea popped into their head.

A game of darts chicken.

First time? Mulls missed (incredible). They did it a second time - he missed again, by millimetres. Again, incredible stuff. 

You'd think it would end there, right? Noooope. Thanks to a "one more!" chant and peer pressure, Randell and Mulls were talked into doing it a third time. And the third time....was not so lucky.

Watch above.

Good on ya Randell aka "One More", see you at the pub next year.

Over $231,000 was raised during Day On The Darts. You can still make an instant $3 donation to I AM HOPE by texting DART to 933.