WATCH: We FaceTimed Tyson Fury off Joseph Parker's phone and he donated $1000 for Day On The Darts

We've peaked here.
26 June 2020 10:48AM

That is the coolest fucking headline we have ever written, and will ever write.

Kiwi boxing heavyweight and good friend of the station, Joseph Parker came to Morningside Tavern to cheer on Rog, Bryce and Mulls in their quest to raise money for I Am Hope by playing darts for 24 hours.

Jo Parker, obviously a huge deal who knows hundreds of famous people, agreed to FaceTime the Gypsy King, the champ Tyson Fury off his phone to see if he would pick up.

And he did.

On the other side of the world in London on a sunny hot 35 degree day, Fury chatted to the Rumble lads and even offered to donate $1000 to the cause. What an absolute fucking legend.