The Morning Rumble

Rooster with knife attached to its leg kills owner during illegal cockfight

How's that for a bit of karma.
2 March 2021 9:05AM

Look - we're not going to laugh or celebrate a new story that involves someone dying - but how is this yarn for karma.

A man has died in India after his rooster, which he attached a knife to its leg for an illegal cockfight, after it sliced through his groin when the bird attempted to set itself free from his clutches.

He was rushed to hospital but later died.

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Cockfighting has been illegal in India since 1960 (good), but that still hasn't stopped locals from participating in the inhumane bloodsport, resulting in thousands of birds dying each year.

Grim story so far, right? Well here's something positive to end on. The BBC reports that, after the rooster was photographed at the police station, it was then transferred to a farm and may be called up to court as evidence for a later date.