The Blues photoshopped Mulls onto a massive billboard in Auckland CBD

One of the greatest stitch ups we've seen.
31 March 2021 1:52PM

This is one of the greatest stitch-ups we've seen.

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Yesterday, we tricked Mulls into thinking he had won a Kia Niro for the week, as he was voted the biggest fan of his Super Rugby team, the Hurricanes. We won the car, but what we didn't tell him is that the Blues gave us the Kia - and it was signwritten with Blues branding.

And today, they had something much bigger in mind....

Bryce carted a blindfolded Mulls down to Fanshawe Street in Auckland's CBD, revealed to him a monster sized digital billboard of Mulls photoshopped into a Blues jersey, with text saying he "bleeds blue".

Honestly, one of the greatest ever. Watch above.