Paddy Gower on Rog's TikTok

Paddy has seen a lot of things, but there's one thing that frightened him the most - Rog's TikTok.
31 August 2021 2:22PM

The man has seen a lot of things, but the one thing that's frightened Patrick Gower the most is....Rog's latest TikTok video.

Patrick Gower on Rog's TikTok video
Paddy G walks us through his initial reactions when he saw Rog's TikTok dance vid.
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We knew Paddy wasn't high on it last week, simply commenting "we are fucked" when we posted the video, but the Rumble got the legend on air to walk us through his immediately reactions to the vid.

To sum it up - "why? Why is he doing this to us? What have we done?"

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