The Morning Rumble

Rog got massively trollied in his spa pool on Friday after Level 4 was extended

It sounds as grim as it reads.
30 August 2021 2:40PM

Man, what a wanky headline to write. Sorry bout that.

Rog got lit in lockdown after Level 4 was extended
He got absolutely trollied. In his spa pool. Grim.
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Rog napped on Friday afternoon and missed the press conference, where Jacinda Ardern announced that Auckland would be in Level 4 for atleast two more weeks.

That news really angered the little guy, and he turned to the bottle (or should we say, bottles). One drink lead to another, and another.....and another....ultimately ending with him singing to the Pina Colada song at 1am in his spa. Much to his neighbours disappointment.

Watch above.