Jacinda Ardern's thoughts on banning Rog from doing anymore TikToks

Plus, Rog called her Jacinda 'Argurn'.
15 September 2021 12:16PM

Lots to unpack here.

Jacinda Ardern shares her thoughts on Rog's latest TikTok
We think she's bang on.
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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern joined The Morning Rumble on air today, and aside from Rog calling her "Jacinda Argurn" and answering a few covid related questions, she shared her thoughts on Rog's latest TikTok dance video.

Whether you agree or disagree with her on anything, we're sure you'll agree that she got this comparison pretty bang on.

 Watch above.

Oh yeah, Mulls also suggested calling the vaccine bus "Pfizty Boy" which went down really, really poor.