Mel's infected toenail gets removed by Dr John
Warning - this is gross and not for the squeamish.
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The Morning Rumble

Dr John removes Mel's infected toenail with pliers (warning - graphic content)

Not for the squeamish or faint of heart. You have been warned.


Hey guys, Baker here - one of the guys who does digital content for The Rock.

I'm gonna approach this blurb a little differently because yesterday - when I shot this video - was one of the most fucked things I have been a part of since I started working here about 15 years ago (yup, I'm dinosaur).

There I was, sitting at my desk at 7.30ish on a Mondee morning, having a coffee and shooting the shit with Ricky (who also makes videos around here). The usual Rock digi gal, Raynor, had called in sick. That was the the first sign of bad things to come.

So there we were, procrastinating work - and then Producer Ryan comes floating by with a shit-eating grin on his face, saying something like "hey can one of you guys come and film something with Mel and Dr John, she's got like a toe thing and he's gonna pop it or something."

"Real quick, only 10 mins, there and back within half an hour".

That was bad sign #2.

For those who don't know, Ryan - great producer, great organiser - but is a conniving little shit who often excludes lots of detail when he's asking you for something. 

So being the good guy I am I tell Ricky, "stay put mate I've got this one". That was my first mistake. We hopped in Ryan's tincan for a car and putted on over to Dr John's clinic, about a 15 min drive from work.

Once in the Doc's office, that's when things started falling in place. Mel was up on the bed with one shoe and sock off, revealing her rank mellowpuff of a big toe, and in the background there was Dr John putting on an apron (he actually looked like a butcher).

After about 20-30 mins of waiting for Rog to squeeze as much radio out of the break as he could, the Doc then injected Mel's XL toe with some anesthetic (a great F-bomb reaction from Mel here) and it was time to drain the pus. Yuck.

Before we knew it, Dr John had sliced her toe with a scalpel and shit POPPED all over him. The smell, fucking hell. No good man. But if I thought that was the worst thing I'd witness today, I was very very wrong.

For those playing at home, we're about at the 2:00 mark of the video. At this stage, all I was trying to do was get the fucking camera to focus on her puss-y toe, and then FUCK ME a pair of scissors? pliers??  i dunno man, I'm not a doctor. Whatever the tool was, he pretty much rammed it down her toenail, snipped it, and then started twisting that motherfucker like he was flipping snags on the barbie.

I was not expecting that. Blarrdy hell.

Yeah so that was one of the more gnarlier days at work. If you are video critic or someone who found the video disgusting or poorly edited - well sorry boss, funnily enough I am not an expert in filming toenail removals (so cut me some slack).

And shoutout to Mel, for going through this all even though she hates feet and has a massive foot phobia. What an absolute warrior and weapon of a human.

As for Ryan - respectfully, he can go get fucked.