30 unbelievably shit tattoos that'll make you question humanity

funny shit 09/06/2017

It feels like more people have tattoos than not these days, and there's bound to be a few shockers out there.

Some of these terrible tats make us wonder how the hell someone came up with these ideas, and why on earth any tattoo artist would agree to permanently chuck that on someone's skin.

Either way, we're bloody glad these aren't on our bodies... 

1). This tattoo that escalated quickly

2). This McCreed disaster

3). This wandering-eye wedgie

4). This guy who doesn't understand how crying works

5). This ...baby?

6). Whatever the hell this says

7). This moneymaker

8). This fudge lover

9). This absolute boob

10). This inspirational message

11). This brutal honesty

12). This sweet treat

13). This Mexican nip slip

14). Stength is spellcheck

15). This butt-ugly flower

16: This sweet hairdo

17: This bloke keeping his options open

18: This backyard parking lot

19: This one which is always fun at parties

20: This dickhead move

21: This Harambe tribute that should've fallen into an enclosure, too

22: This self-portrait?

23: This bnd tttoo

24: This nasty wee porker

25: This 'no regret' tattoo that someone is probably now regretting

26: This tattoo which belongs to someone's daughter

27: This... well... this thing

28: This tattoo which really sets up unrealistic expectations for women

29: This dude who loves and misses how his arms looked before he got the needle

30: And this bloke who was obviously too damn stoned when he requested this ink