Singer who urinated on fan last year reminded not to pee on stage while opening for Tool

funny shit 27/04/2022

Remember last November when Brass Against singer Sophia Urista urinated on a fan during their show at Rockville Festival? 

Well, Tool are making sure that doesn’t happen again, when Brass Against opens for them on their tour. 

For a quick TL DR version of what happened last year...

A viral video showed Urista inviting a fan on stage during their performance, pulling her pants down, and literally peeing on the willing fan. The band issued an apology the next day, and were subsequently banned from playing at that particular venue again. 

Now, Brass Against have just begun their stint supporting Tool on their 2022 European Tour, and when the band arrived at the venue in Denmark, they noticed a “no pee” sign had been taped to the stage for Uritsa.

It read: “NO PEE ZONE – No Urine Is To Be Deposited, Placed, Distributed, Sprinkled, Poured And/or Spread In This Immediate Area.”

Although it hasn’t been confirmed if Tool left the sign out, we can take a wild guess that it probably was. They’re obviously known for their pranks, like last month when frontman Maynard James Keenan posted a video of himself pranking drummer Danny Carey with a dildo mid-gig.

Urista shared a photo of the sign on twitter, which hopefully means she sees the funny side of it.

Hope she doesn’t take the piss this time.