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WATCH: Guy gets pantsed by a Mustang doing a burnout in hectic video

The internet was invented for footage like this.
2 September 2022 4:47PM

Some guy managed to get his pants pulled down by a Mustang mid-burn-out in one of the craziest videos we’ve seen in a while. 

Check it out below. 

We would say that’s unlucky, but before we chalk it up to a bad fluke, we’ve got a couple of questions. 

The first, most obvious question, which I hope you also immediately thought of after you watched the video, is why the hell is that guy standing right in front of a car doing a burnout?

It’s either got to be the driver reckoning he can sin and barely miss the guy standing as a trick of some sort. Or, the guy who got hit thought he could do his own stunt and jump over the car in a Kobe Bryant-esque display of balls and athleticism. 

Next question: is the only thing that got damaged the bloke’s dignity? All that happened was his pants coming down (and undies), which may seem shit, but that’s a car that weighs at least a tonne driving directly over his legs.

He seems to be getting up fine just as the video ends, so good for him. The only thing worse than being pantsed in front of a huge crowd of people like that is being pantsed in front of a huge crowd and not being able to move.

We do hope old mate is okay. 

Getting pantsed is somewhat of a rite of passage here in New Zealand. Once one poor bloke was pantsed during school, everyone was at risk of the trousers coming down. 

It teaches you to watch your back, trust no one, and always be ready for everything and anything, like a huge red Mustang driving straight at you.