Someone made a mashup of Metallica's ‘One’ and Men at Work’s ‘Down Under’
Funny Shit
Funny Shit

Someone made a mashup of Metallica's ‘One’ and Men at Work’s ‘Down Under’

Because why the fck not.

Someone out there on the internet has mashed up two classic songs because why not?

The songs in question are Metallica’s 1988 tune ‘One’ and what should be the Australian national anthem, Men at Work’s 1981 song ‘Down Under’.

‘Mentallica - ‘Land Down One-der’’ is the result of the two 80’s classics being mashed together. The Franken-tune was created by Bill McClintock whose whole channel is filled with other crazy matchups. 

Comments on Bill’s rock metal mashup are loving it and even getting some jokes off. 

“To take a song so dark, depressing and hopeless and combine it with Metallica's One is brilliant,” wrote one jokester. 

“I’m hypnotised by this,” wrote another before adding “I can’t stop replaying it.”

“As an old Aussie metalhead, I can confirm you are doing the Lord’s work. Thank you,” one more commenter said. 

“We must protect Bill McClintock at all costs… this is absolute genius,” someone else wrote. 

Talking of his genius... I looked at some of the other mashups Bill has made, and he’s got some absolutely weirdly beautiful ones on his channel. 

If you’re wanting to get into the Christmas spirit but still want to keep it metal, his mashup of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ with Marilyn Manson’s ‘The Beautiful People’. 

The result is a tune that will get you into the Christmas spirit, but will probably make your kids cry. 

Keeping up with combining two songs from complete opposite ends of the spectrum, Bill mashed up Slipknot’s ‘Sulfur’ with Spice Girls’ huge hit song ‘Wannabe’.

The top comment on the YouTube video says that the song is like “when your mum lets you and your little sister have sleepovers on the same night.”

I’ve got no bloody clue what wild mashup Mr McClintock will come up with next, but I’ll be tuning in for sure.