WATCH: Kiwi blokes go viral for getting drivers to splash 'em on flooded NZ street
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Funny Shit

WATCH: Kiwi blokes go viral for getting drivers to splash 'em on flooded NZ street

One way to enjoy shit Auckland weather.

Two Kiwi geezers are going viral after making the most of some shitty New Zealander weather by standing on the side of a flooded street and getting drivers to splash them.

The clip was originally posted on Instagram by @duncan_kukard, and was then picked up by the popular comedy/meme account @pubity, who shared the video with their 31 million followers. 

Duncan caption his post: “Good swim at Little Manly yesterday… had a great play in the traffic afterwards… Too much fun.”

Plenty of comments recognised just how good the clip is, praising their youthfulness and willingness to have a bit of fun. 

“The stuff of legends,” reads one comment. 

“Maybe one day they will grow up? Hopefully not!” wrote another commenter.

“Good, simple, wholesome fun. Should be more of it,” said a third.

“Some people are making the most of their time on this rock,” one more said.

Of course, there were some comments from members of the fun police complaining about “dirty water”, “ear infections”, “germs”, and “hydroplaning” but who cares. 

Speaking of having fun, legends, and making the most of your time… shoutout to the drivers that saw these blokes standing topless at a bus stop begging for a splash and providing that splash for them. 

I also definitely need to mention the toughest thing to watch about this whole video. Old mate getting left hanging by the girl who was enjoying the crap weather with them. 

It’s not like the high five she gives the other bloke is the most enthusiastic or celebratory high five ever, but it is something of an acknowledgement of the fun she just had.

old mate gets left hanging

Brutally, she half skips, half jogs away as the geezer on the right sticks out his hand expecting a high-five back. Instead, he’s looking like a damn fool covered in gutter water. At least he had fun though.