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Australia Day..
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Raynor Perreau

11 iconic moments from Aussie battlers to celebrate Australia Day

Here are some of our favourite quintessential Aussie moments.

It's Australia Day! Let's take a look at some of the glorious moments that have defined Aussie history to celebrate our brothers and sisters across the ditch.

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are some of our favourite quintessential Aussie moments.

1. “They came bounding over” bloke

Starting with the classics - Aussie bloke Ray Graham appeared on the news show A Current Affair over a decade ago to talk about dangerous dogs in his neighbourhood, and the interview quickly went viral after Ray gave his impression of the vicious dogs. 

The interview may’ve happened over a decade ago, but it still lives on today. In fact five years ago, Ray appeared on A Current Affair for a second time, and recreated his viral moment. 

2. The bloke who’s party got out of hand

Back in 2008, 16 year old Corey Worthington threw a party while his rents were away - and it very much got out of hand. 500 people showed up, as well as police, and Corey’s parents were faced with a potential $20,000 fine for the damage caused. 

Corey couldn’t seem to care less when he appeared on A Current Affair, offering a half-assed apology and refusing to take off his ‘famous’ party sunglasses. 

3. Poo Joggers

In 2018, 64-year-old Andrew Douglas Macintosh was caught dropping a deuce outside an apartment complex in Brisbane - and it wasn’t his first time doing it. The Poo Jogger had been stopping at the apartment regularly on his morning runs to do his business, so a couple people living there banned together to set up a security camera and snap a photo of him. 

Andrew was charged with public nuisance, but the charge was dropped after he paid a fine of $378.

Andrew isn’t the only rogue-Aussie-pooer. In 2020, a woman was also caught on CCTV footage dropping the kids off at the pool outside of an office. 

4. “That’s Livin” Bloke

Outback Ringer Kurt Hammer became a national Aussie hero after his interview about the wild weekend he’d had. He claims he had seven fights (but lost four of them), slept with three women, shat himself, rode a wild horse, smoked marijuana and had a couple bottles of rum all in the same weekend.

That’s livin’ Barry.

5. “Succulent Chinese Meal” Bloke

Perhaps the most iconic TV clip to ever come out of Australia would have to be the ‘succulent Chinese meal’ man. 

Back in 1991, Jack Karlson was arrested for allegedly using a stolen credit card to pay for his meals at his favourite local restaurant. When Karlson came face to face with the media, he can be seen giving the performance of a lifetime. 

Some of the most iconic quotes to come out of the clip were, “Gentleman, this is democracy manifest!”, as well as, “GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY PENIS,” amongst many more. 

The clip of Karlson has lived on for decades. Back in 2020, The Chats featured him in their ‘Dine N Dash’ music video, even getting Karlson to recreate the video. 

6. The Cone Punchers

In 2018, a tradie from Sydney was given $50 by a reporter on live television, and tried to initiate a bit of a chat with the bloke. When asked what he did on the weekend, he simply replied, “punched a few cones.”

He’s not the only Aussie to confess to smoking some cheese on live TV. In the height of lockdown in 2020, an Aussie traveller was roped into a TV cross and was completely honest about what he was planning to do in lockdown - and it also involved punching cones. Check out that yarn and video here.

7. “Haters gonna hate”

In 2017, 18 year old Lee de Paauw tried to impress a British traveller by jumping into crocodile-infested waters after smashing ten cups of goon. The geezer ended up getting his arm bitten by a croc, but he didn’t seem to phased about it all. 

8. A great mate

One of the more wholesome interviews to come out of Australia was back in 2017, when Daniel McConnell recounted how he helped the police catch a burglar who had just robbed his mate’s mum’s shop.

He told the story in the most Aussie way - dropping a few “yeah nahs” and calling everyone “mate.” He’s definitely an Aussie hero.

9. Alan Jones: The Closet Recordings

In the 1990s, former Wallabies coach Alan Jones was a top-rating broadcaster for the Aussie radio station 2UE. Years later in 2004, a bunch of his off-air tapes were leaked, and make for some bloody entertaining listening.

10. Cowboy banned from all liquor establishments

Last year, 20 year old Aussie bogan/cowboy Kyle Ferguson was banned from every alcohol-serving establishment in Western Australia, after he got into a fight with a bouncer at a nightclub.

In his interview with 7 News, he says that the ban-notice is “definitely un-Australian.”

11. Aussie bloke scraps a roo

Last year, a jacked kangaroo got a hold of a bloke's beloved dog in a river in Australia's outback. The owner of the dog had a bit of a squabble with the roo, dodged a punch, and saved his dog. Legend. 

Those examples are just scraping the surface - have a watch below of Jay and Dunc’s Australia Day montage from 2022, to get some more Aussie goodness in ya. 

Aussie, please never change, we bloody love you.