‘Gonna punch your head in’: Aussie bloke scraps a 'jacked' kangaroo trying to drown his dog
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‘Gonna punch your head in’: Aussie bloke scraps a 'jacked' kangaroo trying to drown his dog

An absolutely roo-thless encounter.

The great war between Aussie geezers and ready-to-rumble-kangaroos wages on. This time, a naval battle involving a hostage. 

In a river in Mildura - a town on the edge of Australia’s outback - a roo had Mick Moloney's dog firmly in its grasp, possibly even looking to drown it. Because he’s a human (and did I mention Australian), the bloke waded up to the wild animal and spoke some fighting words. 

“I’m gonna punch your fucking head in,” Mick said as the roo stood there, eyeing him up. “Let go of my dog.” Boom. The roo swung and the bloke flailed, dropping his phone into the water, but the dog was free from the marsupial. 

After the roo stands in a textbook 'you wot m8' stance, the Aussie runs back to the river bank while laughing. In the footage, you can see that Mick's dog is safe and sound.

Talking to ABC Radio Melbourne Afternoons, Mick was in absolute awe at the size of the roo. 

“The muscles on this thing, I was like ‘this thing’s just got out of jail’ - it was jacked.”

"I thought, I've got to video this because no one is going to believe this. I slapped him across the head, and he jumped me and we ended up having a bit of a tussle in the water, lost my phone then found my phone.”

Footage of the video posted to TikTok by The Advertiser has attracted over 3 million views and nearly 150k likes. Most commenters are saying they didn’t know roos were such weapons, while a few thought something else was going down. 

“The kangaroo looks so ready to fight,” one person wrote. 

“I used to think kangaroos were cute but never mind,” another said. 

“I thought the dog was saving the kangaroo and bringing it back to land,” a third added. “Now I see the dog is being held hostage.”

“I thought the kangaroo was getting its freak on,” one more wrote. “My eyebrow went up.” 

All I know is I do not want to run into a kangaroo - those hopping mad bastards are ready to rumble.