Cow in Te Puke ends up at KFC after being swept away by floodwater and chased through town
Funny Shit
Funny Shit

Cow in Te Puke ends up at KFC after being swept away by floodwater and chased through town

They should make this a moo-vie.

A cow in Te Puke has had an absolute belter of a night involving some fast mooooving floodwater, a high-speed chase, and a bit of K-Fry.

A Kiwi woman dealing with the immense rainfall on her property was stunned to see four cows zooming past her after they were caught up in fast-moving floodwater - but somehow the story only gets crazier from there.

Glandre Van Den Bergtold Stuff that seeing the cattle move so rapidly was a scary sight. 

“Four cows came through the water under the bridge on Raymond Avenue at such a speed it was something else. It was actually terrifying to watch,” Van Den Berg said. 

“They managed to get out of the water behind my house, and three of them stayed there, but one got separated, so I ran after it.”

Running into the wet, dark, night is something the Civil Defense specifically said not to do. However, they failed to mention anything about what you should do if a strange quadruplet of cows enters your property via floodwater at a frightening speed and one runs into the night, so I’m going to give Glandre a pass on this one. 

It turns out Glandre’s descent into darkness for dairy would last a whole HOUR, but throughout the sixty-minute pursuit, she did not cow-er at all. Instead, she powered through the night until the cow finally stopped at a popular NZ spot. 

“He was running down Jellicoe Street and then turned left towards KFC which is where he decided to come to a stop,” Glandre recalled. “He stood outside the door and mooed.”

“I had actually called the police while I was chasing the cow as I was clueless what to do, so I was on the phone to them telling them it had stopped at KFC. I burst out laughing.”

As it turns out, our finger-lickin’-loving cow was not just one of four, but one of nine cattle that went missing after floodwaters destroyed the fences surrounding their paddock. Eventually, they all returned to their owner Maya Stutter safe, sound and with a story to tell.