Watch: Annoyed Aussie bloke tows car out of trailer bay after being blocked in
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Watch: Annoyed Aussie bloke tows car out of trailer bay after being blocked in

He took one for the team and did what we've all been tempted to do.

It’s common knowledge that you don’t park at the boat ramp unless you’ve got a trailer, but that doesn’t stop some trailer-less punishers from doing it. 

One Aussie bloke decided to take matters into his own hands after exactly that happened on Saturday (Jan 14), by towing the inconsiderate parker’s vehicle himself. 

Photo evidence shows a white sedan parked behind a four-wheel-drive in a Queensland boat ramp trailer bay, leaving the four-wheel-drive with “bugger all” room to get out, but he was “luckily able to get it out by hand.

The sedan blocked in the four-wheel-drive.

“But, he was not happy,” says the Facebook page ‘Landos down under,’ who shared the video of the ordeal. 

The video shows the four-wheel-drive dragging the sedan through the car park with rope, while tyres are heard screeching. 

The driver momentarily comes to a stop in the carpark, and the amused onlooker who was filming the video says, “I’d fucken leave it right there.” 

But the four-wheel-drive owner dragged the sedan right out of the carpark onto the road. 

Since the video has been posted to Facebook, it’s gotten nearly 500k views and over 6k reactions, with comments of people finding the ‘boat-rage’ absolutely hilarious and hailing the bloke driving the four-wheel-drive a “legend.” 

Have a watch of the video below.

“Someone buy that man a beer,” Christian commented. 

“This guy get(s) Australian of the year for the next two years! Absolute legend!” Jason wrote. 

While a third commented, “not all heroes wear capes. Well played sir.”

Queensland Police told 7NEWS that no reports have been made following the incident, so we can assume that the tower got away scotch free, and the towee is probably not going to park in the trailer bay again any time soon. 

Anyone remember the screaming match two Aussie geezers had at a golf tournament at the end of last year? Loves a bit of Aussie rampage!