Woman gets stuck in bin during night out in Surfers Paradise
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Woman gets stuck in bin during night out in Surfers Paradise

Happens to the best of us.

A woman’s night out in Surfers Paradise didn’t go to plan on Friday night, as she ended up face down, legs in the air, stuck in a public rubbish bin. Happens to the best of us, right?

A fellow club-goer who happened to be strolling past at the time filmed the incident, where the woman’s legs can be seen dangling out the top of the rubbish bin.

The woman has a friend beside the bin, laughing and asking “did you find it or no?” while the fella recording asks, “what the hell is going on here?”

The Daily Mail Australia reports that the woman somehow managed to accidentally drop her phone in the bin, which is how she ended up face-down in the bin in the first place.

The bloke who filmed the video reportedly helped the woman out, after capturing the incident. 

The video was posted to 9 News Facebook page, where it quickly got lots of reactions. 

One person commented, “Well, the bin does say waste on it, maybe she thought that was for wasted people to park?"

While another commented, “Stay classy Gold Coast"

We still don’t know if the woman was able to retrieve her phone, but after the whole getting-stuck-in-a-public-bin thing, we hope she did. 

40-year-old Lindsey Clark was celebrating her mate's birthday at a boozy-brunch, when she reached down the back of a couch to grab her friend's coat which had fallen down. 

She quickly realised she’d f*cked up, and ended up getting stuck upside down for ten minutes, while her mate’s pissed themselves. 

What else are mates for?